vrijdag 24 april 2009

Fuck it deep and hard!

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  1. Interested Prospect14 mei 2009 om 04:07

    Feeling especially good in the 3rd and 5th frames. In both of them, the well-braced ass affords a fine absorption of the heave, the open boulevard of fuck a sumptuous incitement for speeding and coasting in equal measure -- plus, the bottoms are extremely desirable. Yet, in the 4th, this blond does look like Boystation’s Ariel, who knows more about extruding dick than almost all of our associates, combined, and so what looks banal is probably phenomenally voracious, at his end. Woe betide the knob that finds itself under lock and key in that insouciant vault, until its gross inflation has endured the consummation of his withering extraction.

  2. The recurring inclination to assimilate the thrust of penis in one's guts is nicely reinforced in the portrait of the elegantly flung dogfuck which follows the Bel Ami nursery cycle. This is a radiantly muscled powerback which bares its gracious ingress to the straddle-striding top, his strident stick a semaphore for pulchritude condensed into one great horn of healing twang, so that every jumping jab of its bloated pith allows a fine impression of this body to be hammered on the forge of craving praise. And so the buck of ass upon these hips obeys the major Laws of motion, as well as extruding cock to ever-greater dimensions of displacement.