woensdag 7 januari 2009

Help your self!

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  1. Who could have known, that the scarcely-approaching-maturity Zach Randall, in one of his very first portrait series -- well shot, as it was -- would inflict the density of his own cock upon that of millions of males, worldwide, and come to be recognised, instantly -- unsuspecting dick by now conditioned by repeated branding, to engorge on sight -- as a standard-bearer for fuck, itself?

    Was there anything particular in this wraith's becomingly blue-strung bicep or freckled clavicle to draw more males than not to nibble plaintively the playpoints of his pretty pecs, so that the supple sheath's descent should strain the suckgaze unendurably, as if pressed through a tamis to taste the purest penispith of perfect symmetry of lobes, t'implore the rushing, gushing spew to salve the startled parchment of one's palate?

    Who knows. I don't know a male who hasn't sucked Zach Randall's dick in groaning gratitude, repeatedly, as if he never had before. . .