woensdag 16 januari 2008


3 opmerkingen:

  1. In selecting several of our most cherished feast portraits for this segment, you have lent great prestige to the less familiar accountings and managed to refresh our enthusiasm, at the same time.

    That said, the gods still seem unlikely to present us with an exemplar of pure delight, ever again in portraiture, who is as persuasive as the pucky tattooed lad on all 4's, hovering over the youth on the green and white cushions. His persuasiveness of facial expression is so ideally sustained in his body and its language, that we feel we can be sure we have been embodied by the natural avatar for our own delight in this play.

  2. Of the lesser-known images in this series, obviously the neo-gymnastic portrait of the body in layout position, pommel-suspended above the beautiful male on the blue table, shows the greatest thought to pictorial considerations with no loss of impression of reciprocity. Many of the physical virtues we honour, and feel to be distilled in the features focused upon in this play, are presented to us with a greater care for their spectacle than for their use. But we do not object to this, supplying our own responses from memory and from sympathy, encouraged further by a warmth of palette and contrast of texture which grow on us, the more we study the image. Although incurably "staged" and "static," the field is rich with resolution.

  3. All of our modes of engulfing cock are delightful to revisit in the portrayals of others, but I was particularly moved by the "sexypeppers" entry, where the balls offer such a lovely seal to cock's full-throated assimilation, as the fingers ply the prettiest orbs of ass overhead. Beloved cock, now engorged in grateful throat, inspires the famished parting of love's ass, to play its port a pleading press. This is gorgeous hunger.